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Plans for 2009

Ágoston Sándor Alapítvány, our public benefit charity foundation has been dedicated to support Hungarian minority communities, pre-eminently the remote ones living in dispersion in the Carpathian Basin outside Hungary – among them many reformed congregations, for nearly twenty years. In a mediate way, however, we also wish to enhance the lives of those nationalities who surround them. With the financial and human resources we have, we are backing the activity of NGOs and charities.

We support kindergartens, schools, orphanages and other associations in underprivileged settlements financially and with our active personal presence. Every year, we organise more than ten 3-10-day trips, when young people from Hungary get acquainted with the life of communities who are at disadvantage in their society. Among our volunteers there are students, theology students, teachers, special educators for the handicapped, doctors, engineers, architects, archaeologists, economists, musicians, etc.

Only last year...

We plan the following projects this year:

Our foundation is striving to make the maximum of supports available through tenders. Also, we are entitled to raise money by accepting 1%s of personal income tax, and we have institutions, organizations and individuals among our supporters. With the devotion and sacrifice of our volunteers the sum of our supports becomes multiplied as it finds its way to the often needy members of handicapped or underprivileged communities, institutions and settlements.

Our organization was founded by a Reformed Church theology student, who had put aside the pennies of his scholarship abroad in 1990. Ever since, all our activity has been done by volunteers, many times covering costs from their own resources. None of them gets paid or in any other way refunded for their services in foundation projects. For the past five years, as chairman of the advisory board, I have been covering hundreds of miles in the Carpathian Basin with my own twenty-year-old Audi 80. From early spring to late autumn I take a monthly average of two longer trips on my own or accompanied by one or two colleagues, and every year I organize more than ten trips or camps, when we take a lot of young people to Hungarian communities dispersed outside Hungary.